+# Download Hawks MC: Ballarat Charter (Volume #1) downloads ebook reader ID:duabwu

+# Download Hawks MC: Ballarat Charter (Volume #1) downloads ebook reader ID:duabwu


Volume #1 containsHolding OutNot everything is roses, chocolates and vibrators in Zara's life...until Talon, Hawks MC President, wants to claim her as his.Zara Edgingway is a twenty-six-year-old secretary. She has a daughter that apparently knows-it-all and a best friend that could possibly have the mouth of Satan, but she's been with her through hell and back. Then there's the hunk'a'licious biker neighbour finally showing interest in her.If only she isn't about to face her next obstacle in life, the one she ran from six years ago: her ex husband.Talon Marcus is the president of the Hawks Motorcycle Club. For two years, he's had his eye on the quiet, reclusive, yet sassy, neighbour Zara. Finally, he has the chance to claim her as his woman. Just when her past catches up with her, she'll need, not only his protection, but the help from his biker brothers.Now, if only she'd stop fighting him along the way. Climbing OutDeanna Drake has a past she longs to forget, but won't ever be able to. She's always been the tough one. No one, but her best friend Zara has ever been able to penetrate her cold, hard, shell.Until GrizGriz— a.k.a Grady Daniels, Hawks Motorcycle Club second in command, also has a past that he wishes he could undo...all except one part. It's her past that brings them together. Only will it be forever?Finding Out (novella)In a moment of weakness, Ivy Morrison tells a lie, a lie which will leave her scrambling for a solution and quick. The perfect solution comes well-packaged in the form of broody and sinfully sexy Fox Kilpatrick, courtesy of Find Your Soul Mate online dating service. Desperate times is most definitely a call for desperate measures. With no other choice, Ivy convinces passionate yet possessive Fox to help her in her time of need.Fox 'Killer' Kilpatrick is still caught up in his past, a past of anger and death, which his biker brothers desperately want him to recover from. Losing a bet, Killer finds himself on a blind date with Ivy, the woman who is set to turn his world upside down.Following your heart is never easy, neither is following an unknown path, but finding out may just be worth the journey to possibility. Only together, will Ivy and Killer discover if it was worth the risk after all.

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